Wednesday, October 9, 2019

World View Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

World View - Essay Example Likewise, we see things to associate figures with their definitions in our minds. One can not actually know what sun is unless one sees it. We get to know only the much we see. When we know more than what we have seen, the knowledge essentially comes from others that have seen more than us. Humans use the senses they are naturally blessed with to know the world. In addition to this, religious knowledge comes from Holy books. What is really real, or the ultimate reality? In spiritual terms, really real is some thing that would never change and would never end, like the world hereafter. Life after death would never come to an end. It will continue forever. Therefore, that world would be really real. In fact, it is more rational to call that world the ultimate real. In worldly terms, really real is some thing that never changes. For example, a mother’s love for her baby is really real and remains as such throughout the life of their relationship. It is so real that one can not ex pect a mother to be unloving towards her children. Motherhood shows its reality not only in humans, but in every species of living creatures. Birds are possessive about their babies.

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