Friday, October 4, 2019

Reaction paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Reaction paper - Essay Example He himself admits that Zyklon B had been used for delousing and as claimed, 95% of the gas had been to address infectation problems leaving only 5% to kill people. The real question redounds to the verity of the extermination of over 4 million Jews in the Holocaust as proliferated in hundreds of books. The revisionist view definitely stimulates critical thinking and appreciation of the facts as presented. If indeed Cole is correct in saying that there had been no extermination and that we had all been victims of Soviet deception and of exaggerated number and facts then the truth continues to be beyond our grasp. I guess much like everyone else, we had been emotionally invested in the gruesome stories of the holocaust which makes for a riveting story. But a good story and the truth are two different things. The search for the truth is perhaps among the most difficult endeavor to take. History can dependent and subjective. Cole’s allegation that Rudolf Franz Ferdinand Hoess had been tortured to admit to the killings through gas chambers and his subsequent execution in Auschwitz after the Nuremberg Trial is but a farce which had fooled everybody. If this were true, then the concept of justice as we know it must be reconsidered.

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