Friday, October 18, 2019

Heart of Darkness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Heart of Darkness - Essay Example The Conrad’s story seems to unfold the dark moments that might be frightening to the readers, however it does point out the benefit of civilisation. For instance, the story accounts for the civilisation that transformed the one time dark country Britain (Conrad 36). The tradition brought to the Dark Continent by the white man did not sound impressive to the blacks, but it has transformed the community to illuminate better practices, which they did not acknowledge in the first place. The modern methods of cultivation are good news to people that knew little about the existence of modern method of increasing agricultural yields (Conrad 56). Another important instance that is impressing in the novel is the modern education system. The system enabled the continent to transform from its traditional systems, which produced little in terms of industrialisation as well as globalisation. Education was the only viable way through the Dark Continent could receive the new light. Conrad observes that Africans embraced the old technology in doing their things. It did not appear to them that the society could apply scientific ways of doing the daily activities. The fruit of introduction of science to the dark part of the world brought light that is shining in this region. The roads that the colonial masters developed did not only helped the colonial masters to exert their autocratic rule in the dark world, but also enabled the blacks to enjoy trading their goods. However, the novel gives a fiery tale of inhumanity projected to the innocent blacks in the name of civilisation. The verbal abuse to the Africans by the colonial masters is disgusting. It is arguable that better ways were applicable in introducing modernity (Conrad 125). The author described the killing of the Africans as if they did not have the right to live or to chose what is good for their lives or not. The white figures did not regard blacks as human beings moreover; they did

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