Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Printing and Advertising Services Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Printing and Advertising Services - Essay Example As the paper declares the ad is clear and strategically positioned so that everyone can read it just from any angle. This strategy improves the ad's visibility. Even passengers in moving vehicles can see it and perhaps put their seat belts on (if they did not have them on). The ad will then have reminded them that road safety is paramount and is the collective responsibility of not just law enforcers, but the passenger's as well. The ad depicts a man seated comfortably at the back seat, with no seat belts on; perhaps oblivious of the potential danger he is exposing himself to. This helps to show that the notion that passengers sometimes have; they think the back seat is "safer†. As the report stresses the billboard portrays an effective message; it tells people or passengers what they must not do if they want to be safe on the roads. In case they do not wear seat belts, they will be victims of their mistakes and negligence. Perhaps the ad also reinstates the need to be responsible road users, whether as passengers, drivers or pedestrians. Looking at the current accident trends, statistics suggest that 50% of all road accidents are preventable, among them by using seat belts. What a better way to pass this message than through the three-dimensional and colorful billboard ad! Car manufactures place seat belts in cars for a good cause. They realize that in case of an accident action and reactions forces will be involved.

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