Saturday, February 29, 2020

A Story Of A Bird Essays - Great Happiness, Fear Death, God Didn

Story of a Bird ric bird was flying through a forest and had very luckily and eventually found his best tree to build a nest to stay, to enjoy and to love in his lifetime. When he flied towards the tree with great happiness and hope, he was shot ruthlessly, however. But the shoot didn't cause an immediate death to the bird. And he asked why he couldn't be shot early - before he had found his best tree. 'I don't fear death, but I fear the death with regret' said the bird. he bird was looking at his best tree as much as he could before his breathing stopped while he was bleeding badly. 'If God didn't like me to build a nest at my best tree, why did God lead me to find it?' 'Does God like to see my deepest disappointment?' cried the bird. he breathing of the bird had become slower and weaker. But his eyes were still kept on his best tree. He didn't try to seek help because he didn't want to waste a little bit time from looking at his best tree. 'All my attention, my concern and my mind belong to my best tree.' said the bird, with smile. His sight became slimmer and slimmer, and his eyes were going to close. 'My heart and regret are eternal' cried the bird. And then his breathing stopped. His body was made to be a specimen put in the house of a Canadian family.

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