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An investigation into Chinese consumers' reasons for purchasing luxury Dissertation

An investigation into Chinese consumers' reasons for purchasing luxury brands in the UK - Dissertation Example The Journal of International Management Studies, Volume 5, Number 1, April, 2010. P 189 27 LeCompte, MD and   Schensul, JJ. 2010. Designing & Conducting Ethnographic Research: An Introduction: Volume 1 of Ethnographer's Toolkit, Second Edition Series. Rowman Altamira, Edition 2 27 Lu, PX. 2011. Confucianism and Conspicuousness. Elite China: Luxury Consumer Behavior in China. John Wiley & Sons. Book 27 Mason, R. 1993. Cross-Cultural Influences on the Demand For Status Goods, in European Advances in Consumer Research Volume 1, eds. W. Fred Van Raaij and Gary J. Bamossy, European Advances in Consumer Research Volume 1 : Association for Consumer Research, Pages: 46-51. 27 Oswald, LR. 2010. Developing Brand Literacy among Affluent Chinese Consumers A Semiotic Perspective. Advances in Consumer Research. Volume 37.Journal Article 27 Reidel, D. 2012. From Mao Suits To Michael Kors: Stocks That Capitalize On Chinese Consumers. Forbes. 10 September 2012 Retreived 27 Nov 2012 from 27 Vigneron , F and Johnson WL. 1999.A Review and Conceptual Framework of Prestige Seeking Consumers. Accademy of Marketing Science. No.1 Pp 1-15 28 Appendix 28 1. 2. 3. 4. 4.1. Introduction The qualitative research conducted for the purpose of gathering data for this report consisted of interviews from a sample using open-ended questions that were opinion based. The most important yet complex issue with qualitative research is that it generates a large and thoughtful database that is based on the responses generated from interviews, documents and field notes (Bryman and Bell, 2003). Miles (1979) refers to this form of research as â€Å"attractive nuisance†, this is because he believes that the data generated is rich and resourceful but taking it in a definite direction is a complex task. The role of the researcher becomes very vital to the conclusions drawn from the research because it is based on their critical analysis of the data and findings. Unlike quantitative research where concl usions can be directly inferred from figures and values, a qualitative research would go to a complete waste if the researcher does not perform proper analysis. Data analysis is also an important concern for businesses, this method of data analysis is adopted by businesses for conducting survey research from their target audience and market. The research problem needs to be clearly stated as they would guide the researcher to meet specific objectives. The information and experiences that respondents shared were arranged in a tabular format in Appendix 1. The research topic is â€Å"An investigation into Chinese consumers’ reasons for purchasing luxury brands in the UK†, this qualitative research would be categorized as an Ethnographic research. Ethnographic research is described as a systematic approach to understand the culture and social life of communities, and emphasize and build on the perspective of respondents in the research setting (LeCompte & Schensu). The in terview session took place in the form

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