Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Transdental Meditation Essays - Meditation, Spirituality

Transdental Meditation Essays - Meditation, Spirituality Transdental Meditation The Meditation exercise that we performed in class was refreshing. It cleared my mind of all stress that day. As I lay on the mat, I had no idea I was that tensed. It was somewhat hard to imagine a flame below my navel. The music in the background was relaxing It was flicking with the flame in my mind. Several times throughout the exercise my mind wandered away, to future events that needed tending to after class. I tried to staya focused on the meditation The flame at one point seemed larger than a single flame, which prevented me from relaxing. I imagined the beautiful colors of orange, red, and yellow. At times my flame would turn blue and green. When the exercise was over I opened my eyes to a lighter head with less tension. All in all, I would say the meditation exercise help to get some of the stress off my mind. I found myself continuing the exercise throughout the holiday.

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