Thursday, November 21, 2019

Ethics and Law in Business and Society Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Ethics and Law in Business and Society - Essay Example In this stage of moral development, the individuals engage in actions of retaliation, vengeance. These actions are filtered by the individuals according to the level of satisfaction desired by the individual. For example, if one scratches somebody’s skin, there is supposed to be an act of retaliation. The third stage of moral development demands the conformation from the society on the good behaviors and approval of not engaging into bad behavior. This stage of confirmation leads to moral development for which the individuals would be ready to co-operate with other members of the society and engage in self sacrifices. For, the individuals engage in providing personal favor to other people for want of social confirmation. The fourth stage of moral development identifies conformity to the law and order. Most of the individuals reach this stage after showing due respect to the judiciary and the maintenance of social order. For example, the law and order in the society leads to th e prevention of crime and enhances the path of justice. This influences the right behavior among the individuals of society. The fifth stage of moral development leads the individuals to the path of restoration of human rights as a social contract (Gibbs 89). These are rights that the individual demands in the social conditions of existence. For example, right to speech and opinion is a human right that is conferred by the society on the individuals. The sixth stage of moral development leads individuals to realize the importance universal ethical principles. In this stage, the human beings spread the message of equality, moral and ethical values and the duties of being the followers of God. For example, Mohandas Gandhi reached the sixth stage of moral development and spread the message of Ahimsa. Answer 1 b The model of Kohlberg can be applied to corporate culture which could lead to ethical behavior of the managers. The managers could learn the importance of the various stages and apply the knowledge to trigger actions expected from the employees through moral development. The sense of punishment in the corporate culture would allow the managers to enforce urgent decision for benefits of the company. The work culture could be made healthier with the sense of interpersonal communication and approval among the employees. The sense of social conformity and ethical principles could be addressed by manager to implement better code of conduct in the corporate environment that is required to develop a responsible work force. Answer 1 c The main objective of business is not only to earn profits but to earn the profits in an ethical ay and perform the social responsibilities. However, relativism exists in the work culture where policies of business ethics are undertaken by the corporate houses. However, despite the practices of business ethics for building a good image in the society has flaws in the fact that these practices of ethics are often influenced by the man agers. This has led to the development of frauds and misreported figures. Thus personal interest should be curved and organizational interests would need to be given foremost importance for genuinely incorporating business ethics in the work culture. Answer 2 a As viewed by Aristotle, Kant, the philosopher’s approach to ethics might help in doing things in the right way. The principles of ethics define the set of actions that are

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